CRMC Surgical Waiting Area Expansion

Chesapeake Regional Medical Center (CRMC) provides a comprehensive system of inpatient and outpatient medical, surgical, and specialty care services to patients at every stage of life. CRMC contracted with KBS to renovate a number of areas in the Central Lobby of the facility:

  • Surgical Waiting Area & Nurses Station
  • Pharmacy
  • Cafe
  • Gift Shop
  • Registration Check-in
  • Restrooms
  • Courtyard Roof Replacement

KBS conducted this renovation and roof replacement in five (5) phases to accommodate the uninterrupted routine of the medical center. For Phase 1, KBS refurbished the existing 1,000-SF pharmacy that is adjacent to the lobby, and the updated store is now 1,200 SF and offers patrons easy access to obtain their medications. Phase 2 incorporated the demolition of the large fountain in the center of the 4,200-SF lobby in order to create a more open and welcoming atmosphere for the public. In this limited area, KBS constructed a new mezzanine during Phase 2 to provide additional space for patients and families to wait comfortably. More amenities were added in Phase 2 on the first level and include a new café and a new gift shop.

Overall, the CRMC Lobby and its surrounding areas are open and integrated with each other, flowing smoothly from one space to the next, and calming those who may be in a traumatic medical situation.

Quality – With daily on-site supervision and review, KBS addressed and resolved all project issues immediately. RRMM’s Principal-in-Charge, John Maddux, recalls an example of this when the vinyl flooring needed to be replaced, and KBS acquired the material from a vendor 700 miles away to supply new materials the following day. He says, “If there was a mistake made, it was fixed. It was fantastic working with KBS.” Through the oversight of both the KBS superintendent and the project manager, the CRMC project maintained unparalleled quality control, and the team was able to provide a cohesive, functional environment for the CRMC.

Client Satisfaction – Working with RRMM Architects, the KBS Project Manager successfully led his team through a challenging construction effort while the hospital continued to remain in operation. As the primary point of contact, Brandon worked closely with the owner and the architect to ensure client satisfaction throughout the process. KBS and RRMM worked together to meet a tight schedule that involved a number of the owner’s change-orders, which included adding the gift shop to the project as well as the nurses’ check-in station. Upon a user inspection of this station, KBS and RRMM reacted quickly to a call for more equipment that had not been considered necessary initially by the owner. “KBS went above and beyond to keep the client happy,” remarked John Maddux.

Project Info

Owner: Chesapeake Regional Medical Center
Architect: RRMM Architects
Location: Chesapeake, VA
Project Size: 5,518 SF interior renovations
Completion: December 2014