Lidl Grocery Stores

KBS has contracted with Lidl to build multiple new stores in Virginia as a part of the German grocery retailer’s plan to enter the U.S. market. The 36,000-square-foot stores include exposed steel and ducts in the main sales floor and polished concrete throughout the store. An exterior curtainwall encompassing one elevation of the building is comprised of glass, while masonry, cast stone and stucco are featured on the rest of the building. KBS’s work includes the following locations:

  • Lidl #1106 Short Pump, VA
  • Lidl #1140 Virginia Beach, VA
  • Lidl #1105 Virginia Beach, VA
  • Lidl #1199 Richmond, VA
  • Lidl #1117 Henrico, VA

Project Info

Owner: Lidl US
Architect: MG2 Corporation and Ai Design Group
Location: Multiple Locations
Project Size: 36,000 sf
Completion: 2017